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My Rad Life- A Journal


You cannot go wrong with a gorgeously illustrated, guided, journal! My Rad Life by Kate Schatz and illustrated by Miriam Klein Stahl, is perfect for the fiercest and most badass women that we all know and love. This journal is filled with inspiration quotes, self-help writing prompts, and even more gorgeous illustrations than the ones on the cover.

When I saw this on Blogging for Books, I knew immediately that I had to get it. I love love love journals, and I love writing prompted journals even more. In this book you can draw, write, discover yourself, and so much more.

The quality of the paper is incredible, and the book will withstand all the love that you are going to give to it. Some of the women in this book you may be familiar with, such as Beyonce, and some you may not know, but at the end of the journal, you will find yourself with more knowledge about the women inside the pages, and the women inside of you.

Even though I adored this journal, it is not quite in my age range anymore. I ended up gifting it to my 13 year old niece, who I believe will have a better time with it. I loved flipping through the pages, reading the quotes, and enjoyed learning about the writing prompts. I, however, felt that at 30 years old, this book was meant for someone who needs to discover herself more so than I do. My niece loves to write, and along with some funky pens, I sent this to her in the mail.

Now, I hope she can write down her dreams, fears, and whatever else her heart desires. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.


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