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God Bless My School


God Bless My School by Hannah C. Hall is another book in the “God Bless” series, which I absolutely adore. We have another book in this series, God Bless Our Fall and it’s just as incredible. The pictures in these books are just so sweet, and somehow nostalgic for me, plus the message in the book is just beautiful.

My son is going into preschool this year (I swear he was just a baby a couple of days ago), so this book was the perfect addition to our bookshelves. In this book, we get to discover what it’s like to go to school, and all of the great, and different, people (and animals in this case) we get to meet there.

We learn about reading stories, and snack time, and it’s just fun to see school through a child’s eye once again. I was hoping this book would ease some of my son’s anxieties about starting school, and I think it really helped.

The quality of this book is something I can’t pass up talking about, it’s a very hard, and sturdy book, and the pages are thick (perfect for little baby hands that tend to grab at everything in arms reach). So, not only is the story gorgeous, but the quality of the book is something you need to see to believe. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.


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