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Chain Thinking


Shep Harrington is back, in this next novel in the series by Elliot Light. Chain Thinking mystery with animal activism, to create a whirlwind of a story. Beginning almost where the last novel left off, we are thrown right back into Shep’s world, with out missing a beat.

Shep thinks his Monday is going to be like any other, that is until a chimpanzee is thrown into his care, Kikora is thrust upon him by a woman Shep doesn’t know, but he has no hesitation when it comes to trying to win over the chimp’s heart. When Shep finds out that Kikora was actually a test chimp, and has been stolen from a lab, he begins thinking about what it means to be an animal, and how they should have rights of their own.

Not only is this book a mystery, but it’s also clear that Elliot wanted us to think about animals, and what it means to treat them as if they are nothing but test subjects and objects to be used for human benefit. The characters from the first novel are back, but there are some new characters too. Sydney, who is the mystery woman from the beginning of the novel, was once an actress, but after an accident, has become an animal activist, and Kikora is her most recent liberation.

On top of the realization that Kikora isn’t his property, Shep finds out about a murder that connects everything together, and this means he has to do more work, he always seems to find himself in such interesting situations. This book was extremely fun, and so easy to read, it took me an afternoon to get through it, even though this is not my typical genre, I enjoyed it very much. It also makes me think a lot about animal testing, which I’m pretty sure was Elliot’s point. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, clearly a winner here.


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