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Hello my fellow bookworms. I hope you guys are all having a great last few weeks of summer. My summer has had it’s ups and downs, that’s for sure. My little baby girl is 7 months old already, doesn’t it seem like I just had her? So crazy how time zooms by.

I really wanted to talk to you guys today about my life. Recently things have been crazy, hectic, confusing and down right scary. I’m starting grad school soon, my son is beginning preschool, and also sadly my husband lost his job. This means we have been searching for something for him. He’s an amazing carpenter and was building fences for a living. He’s college educated and extremely talented so I’m sure he will find something soon, it’s just that while in limbo, we don’t know what to do.

I’m sure you are wondering why I am telling you this. Well, we are very seriously considering selling our home and moving closer to where his family lives. As we have looked into it, it looks like a better opportunity as far as jobs go and the cost of living is much more in our budget. This means that I’m not going to have as much time to read. I mean, I’m still going to do it as often as I can, but I’m barely able to get on the computer to type of reviews, so things are going to slow down a bit.

I’m nervous and excited for this new adventure we are on, and I’ll definitely let you guys know if we end up moving. Right now it’s a high possibility, so if I owe you a review, I will get it up soon, just not sure when. Thanks for being patient and understanding!


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