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Tommy James-Kid’s Book


We read quite a few kids books in our home, and I mean like six a day, so I’m pretty well versed in kid literature. That being said, I have never read or seen a book about little kids in the wild west, so Tommy James The Littlest Cowboy in Reckon by Maria Ashworth was a super cute and original treat!

Tommy James is small, so he can get into tiny spots and hide behind small things, but when Bo Jones makes fun of him for being little, he isn’t too happy.

After he gets picked on one time too many, Tommy James goes back to his ranch and puts on his dad’s clothes. He thinks they will make him bigger, and he will finally gain some respect from Bo, that he deserves. When that doesn’t happen, Tommy James has to show his nemesis that he is as strong as anyone of a bigger stature, and he does!

This book was adorable, and the pictures were beautiful. I felt like the ending was kind of unexpected, because Tommy James ends up being friends with Bo- which I guess is a good lesson for kids, but it makes me mad that Bo made fun of Tommy James and he just dealt with it, became friends anyway, and that was that. Case closed. Tommy should have stuck up for himself more. Bullying is not okay, and I felt like Tommy James just took it. Anyway, I give this book 4 out of 5 stars, if it weren’t for the ending it would have gotten 5. Thank you to the author for sending me this cute little book!


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