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A Different Kind of Lovely


A soul searching love story, about the pain of our pasts, and how it can determine our future. The emotionally damaged man, and the physically injured woman find love again after their own personal tragedies in A Different Kind of Lovely by Petra March.

Mina is a dancer who can’t help but dream about her future in the cottage that her grandmother left her. She wants to turn it into a dance studio, but soon finds out that she won’t be able to dance much longer. Her body, her one instrument, has betrayed her.

Neal’s brother has passed away tragically, and ever since, Neal has felt empty. When he stumbles into Mina’s home. a sanctuary, one that he has seen many times before as a friend of her families, Neal can’t help but realize what a gorgeous and strong woman Mina has turned into.

The two quickly fall for each other, and open their hearts to the possibility of love, again. The love that they have runs deep, and you can feel that as you read this book. This book will wrench your heart, and it won’t let go even after you are done reading it. I found this book compelling at times, and other times it felt slow, but it really was a sweet story, with a great purpose. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars, thank you to the author for sending me this book.


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