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A Memoir: A Testimony Volumes 1&2


From author Beth Durkee comes a faith-filled, incredibly heart wrenching true story about sickness, second chances and love for the Lord. In A Memoir: A Testimony, Beth tells her story of how she found God, even when she was led down paths that her mother and father may not have agreed with, such as having a baby at a young age. Beth’s faith in the Lord never faltered in these memoirs.

In the first volume, Beth talks about her childhood and how she came to find God. When Beth becomes ill, she does’t take her diagnosis with a grain of salt, and she fights her illness through God and the strength that she has because of Him. Beth believes that God showed her through the events of her early life, which we would all call miracles, and when your read the book you will see why.

In the second volume, Beth talks more about her romantic life. God directs Beth to date the men that she does, and when she meets a man that is completely not her type, she’s unsure of what God’s will is, but she doesn’t deny it.

Both of these volumes were very sweet and extremely short. I did, however, find it hard to keep up because it seemed that Beth jumped around a lot chronologically. The stories she told were great, but often they were too detailed or they seemed hard to follow. Besides that, I enjoyed this book, it was a quick read, and it made me feel closer to God, seeing how Beth has so much faith. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. Thank you to the author for sending me this book.

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