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Marie and Mr. Bee


In Marie and Mr. Bee, by Margaret Welwood, Marie is a hardworking girl, she takes care of her cabin, and when she’s done with her chores she goes and plays with the animals in the forest. She plays with the bear, and the fox, and brother and sister squirrel too, but one day when a bee flies into her cabin, he tells her he does’t do any work, and he doesn’t help anyone else out either.

Then Marie gets an idea, why shouldn’t she just have fun and not do any work, too? Why should she pick up after everyone else, instead of just herself like Mr. Bee? When all of her animal friends are busy, Marie realizes that she has left a lot of work for herself to do since she didn’t keep up on her chores, and finally sees that maybe the bee was wrong all along.

This was a cute book, the illustrations are great, and Marie is in a wheelchair which is an incredible thing for children to see in a book, Marie is completely capable and her wheelchair isn’t mentioned once in the book! Great use of diversity there, but one thing I didn’t like about this book was that it seemed to jump around a lot, and the story didn’t flow very well, even though the message was clear and wonderful. I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.

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