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The Mountain Between us


Two strangers stuck in an airport would do anything to get home on time. Ben, ready to get back to his family after a conference, and Ashley, preparing for her wedding in just 48 hours. The two don’t want to wait out the snow storm that is barreling in on them, so when Ben finds a small plane pilot who is willing to hurry and get him home, he asks Ashley to come along. This one act of kindness could cost them all their lives, in The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin.

Ben, a surgeon, needs to get home to his wife and two children, and back into the OR in just a couple of hours. So, he can’t wait on the storm, while sitting in the airport, annotating his notes into a recorder, Ashley plops down beside him. The two soon strike up a conversation, and then head on their separate ways. That is, until Ben finds a pilot who will carry him through the air, hopefully making time before the storm hits. He dashes after Ashley to invite her along, he remembers how exciting it is to be getting married, and the nerves that creep through your body, he can only imagine how Ashley is feeling, being so far away from her soon to be groom. The last thing she needs is more stressed because of a missed flight.

Everything is going decent, though the plane is cramped and the pilots dog is a little wary of the new cabin mates, until the pilot suddenly has a heart attack and plants to plane on the side of a mountain. No one knew that Ashley and Ben were on this plane ,and now they have to figure out how to survive the best that they can, even with Ashley’s broken leg, and Ben’s broken ribs.

The struggles and hardship that the pair go through is nothing short of commendable. As the days drag on, they become not just plane crash survivors, but friends, just hoping to get home to their loved ones. It’s up to Ben to physically drag Ashley across the snow covered wilderness, but will he be able to get her out in time?

This book did not stop from the moment I began reading it, it was a rollercoaster, and I had to find out more and more and more. The incredible description of the conditions that the couple were in were palpable. I felt as if I was on the side of the mountain with them, I could see their breath and hear their teeth chatter. I cannot wait to see this movie, the story will give you chills in so many ways. You’ll be rooting for the survivors, watching their relationship evolve was a joy, and the incredible ending is something you won’t forget. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, I received this book from Blogging for Books.


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