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I have been a subscriber to Gabbie Hanna’s Youtube channel The Gabbie Show for over a year now. I even talked about her channel in my post about Non-Bookish Youtubers I Can’t Stop Watching, so I mean, all I can say is I love this girl. Every single time one of her videos pops up in my subscriptions on Youtube, I get excited and click right away. I love that she’s so open about her life, her struggles with anxiety, and her dating follies. I love her quirky faces (and no I ain’t calling you ugly boo boo), and her intriguing personality. While I already felt like I knew Gabbie on a personal level, reading Adultolescence gave me an even deeper look into her soul.

With inspiration from Bo Burnham (who is one of my favorite people of all time), Gabbie shares her poetry as well as her artistic side, with poems ranging from extremely deep and meaningful, to some vastly lighter and cute. Gabbie explores the idea of being an adult, but not grown up, which I can totally relate to on so many levels. I have kids of my own, but I still feel like a kid myself. It’s a weird sensation, and Gabbie illustrates it so well, so so well, in this book.

There are poems for every mood, and poems of plenty of different styles. Also, there is advice, which to be honest was a great break in between poems. This book made me laugh, think, and cry-I think that was the goal, and she did a great job obtaining that.

Here are a few of my favorite entries in the book:

Stranger: which is about love lost, very deep, very bittersweet, and heartbreaking.

Fashion: about wearing your heart on your sleeve, and getting screwed over because of it.

Anxiety: which I can relate to 110%.

Fair: which makes a good point about life.

The illustrations in this book are impeccable as well, I had no idea that Gabbie was an illustrator! There is an intricacy and an intimacy to her work that just left me in awe. See if you can spot some of her friends through out the pages as well.

Honestly, I could go on and on, this book is full of wonderment. I thoroughly enjoyed every second I spent reading this, and I am grateful to Netgalley for providing it for me, and to Gabbie for taking all of her beautiful heart and splashing it on these pages. You done good girl,  you done good. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, I can’t wait for you to experience the beauty.


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