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I must begin this review with saying that the cover of Carla by Michael Gryboski is gorgeous! Second, I have to say that the writing in this book was pure gold. When we first meet Carla, she is attaching a bomb to a car, and then she quickly changes clothes and heads off to work. I mean, is that not some badassery right there, or what?

Those first couple of pages got me hooked right away, Carla seemed like a very very interesting person, and I needed to find out more. Even though Carla has great ties to a terrorist organization in this book, you will find yourself falling in love with her. She is effortless in her ability to switch roles, and when you find out why she is going to great lengths to literally blow stuff up, it will make you fall for her even more.

Carla’s grandpa is sick, and she needs to find a way to make money so that he can get better, instead of your typical 9-5 job, she decides that working undercover would suit her needs much more. I loved how this book played out like an action movie, it was very Charlie’s Angels-esque and that intrigued me by far.

As you watch Carla’s life seemingly unravel, you will find yourself rooting for her, and for her grandpa. I don’t think you will find much about this book that you don’t like, the writing puts you smack dab in the middle of the story, and the characters will make you feel as if you are reading about real people. I loved this book, and I’m hoping for a sequel.

If you find yourself searching for a spy novel, this is one that you are going to want to pick up. It has everything that you could want, and then some. I love that it’s not heavy on romance or sex, which gives it a more realistic feel, not every story needs a romantic side. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.


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