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The Blackbird Season


When thousands of black birds fall from the sky in a small Pennsylvania town, there are many questions, many conspiracies and ultimately one answer. No one in the town knows why the birds fell, but they all have some ideas, and it’s not pretty. With the town “witch” in question, could the townspeople finally get their answer? The Blackbird Season by Kate Moretti is suspenseful, scandalous and raw.

Lucia is sixteen years old, and she’s always been a little strange. There’s something mysterious about her, something dark and ominous that hangs over her head, and when she accuses a local teacher and baseball coach Nate Winters, of sexual assault, things start to get even more strange.

When Lucia disappears, the police can only point their fingers in one direction, and that’s at Nate. While the scandal has run rampant through the town, Nate swears by his innocence, and that he was only trying to help Lucia get away from her abusive father, and into a motel, so that she could be safe. He promises his wife that he has had nothing to do with the girl, but Alecia, his wife, isn’t so sure who she trusts anymore.

One of the things that I loved about this book, is that you just don’t know how all of the things connect, until the pieces start to fall into place one by one, little by little you get a glimpse of the real story, but until then you are about as clueless as the people of the town. How do the blackbirds connect to the scandal? Will Nate be acquitted of his charges? From the author of The Vanishing Year comes another truly spellbinding tale, perfect for the fall season. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, you won’t put it down until you figure out the truth. I received this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review.


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