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The Scent of Rain


From two seemingly opposite lives, Adan and Rose find that they have more in common than they could ever know. In The Scent of Rain by Anne Montgomery, lives intertwine and young people find ways to escape the lives they don’t want to live.

Rose is a part of the FLDS cult, and she doesn’t want to be a part of it anymore. Her mother is abusive, her siblings aren’t being cared for like they should be, and she is terrified that she is going to be taken from her family and married off to a much older man, known as the Prophet, and forced to have baby after baby, sentenced to the life that she’s seen her mother and other members of the cult live for years.

Adan has been a part of the foster care system for his whole life, he finally decides to run away from his abusive foster father, but soon finds himself in the desert without water or a way to civilization. He thinks his life may be over, until he is rescued by two strangers.

After his recovery, when Adan begins working, he sees Rose run off into the woods, he follows her and the two become friends, though they have many differences, they can agree on one thing, their pasts were nightmares and they want to change their futures.

The Prophet soon finds out about the disappearance of Rose, and sends people to find her. The terror that Rose feels for her inevitable future is palpable and will make your skin crawl.

I have read many books, and watched many documentaries, about the FLDS and this book showcases the cult in a very true and incredible way. As beautiful as it is heartbreaking, this story will have you captivated from the moment you meet Adan and Rose. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, its so descriptive, and the characters pain you, you’ll be rooting for them the entire time.


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