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Home to Roost


Home to Roost by one of my favorite blog followers, Chauncey Rogers, is a mix between a grown-up version of Charlottes Web and Animal Farm, with a splash of Stephen King, and a heaping mix of the real life situations that are going on in the world around us today.

When you first start this book, you’ll be wondering why you are reading about chickens, but then you’ll be so wrapped up in the incredible imagery and the stunning plot that you won’t even care. It’s not just a story about a little rooster named Brad, who is sent to a place he’s not familiar with, and doesn’t get along with anyone, it’s a story about survival, the difference between good and evil, and what it means when you aren’t sure which is which.

First of all, I want to say how intrigued I am by this cover. Doesn’t it remind you of an old school horror movie poster? It fits the book so well, it’s incredible. Secondly, you may have a hard time understanding how a small rooster, a farm, and an evil presence could really make sense, and terrify you, but trust me when I tell you that it can. I was up late reading this, and when I got to the last part of the book I really regretted being alone in the dark.

Truthfully, when you look past the characters being farm animals, you can get a real good sense about what Chauncey was trying to do with this book. He created a realistic, anxiety ridden world in which life tends to go on in it’s routine way until something tragic and unthinkable happens. The life of Brad the rooster may seem insignificant at a glance, but once you invest in his world, you won’t know why you never seemed to care before.

Evil and good are see-sawing in so many ways in this book, it’s hard for me to describe the plot without giving away major points, so I will just say trust me you are going to want to read this book. From the very first page, you get this sense that you are on the farm, you hear the animals, you feel the sun, or the big yolk in the sky, you’re just there, and it’s an incredible experience. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, a wonderful, terrifying, time.


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