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When we think about death, often times we think about Heaven, or the after life-and sometimes we think about nothingness-depending on your beliefs. But in AARU by David Meredith, death is just an illusion, when science teams up with spirituality, AARU is created. An alternative to the afterlife, where your loved ones who have died can still live and communicate with you.

Sounds nice, right? At Elysian Industries, doctors and scientists are creating a world where death is no longer existent and is not to be feared. People who die can go to this new place, and still communicate with their living loved ones, and be a part of their families lives. When Rose dies of cancer at the age of sixteen,  her family is devastated of course, especially her younger sister Koren. Before her death, Rose was given the opportunity to have her brain scanned, and with that, she was given eternal life.

Then, a strange man approached Koren and her family, to explore the idea of Rose’s life not really being over. Rose may have had her brain transferred to a system in another “dimension.” Anything that her family knew and loved about Rose, could be accessed any time they wanted, through a computer screen. This makes Koren ecstatic, but also scared, she’s over the moon that she can still communicate with her sister, but at what cost? And what happened to Rose’s body, the one she saw lowered into the ground just weeks before?

The people at Elysian Industries want Koren to be the new spokesmodel, at first, this sounds like an incredible opportunity, Koren would get fame, money, and the chance to see her sister whenever she wanted, at least through a screen. Soon enough, the sisters both realize that nothing comes with out a price, and they may have taken on more than they bargained for. Rose ins’t so sure she wants this everlasting life, and Koren has her own issues with an eery person named the Magic Man who takes her spokesperson job and creates something disgusting out of it.

I believe that this is the beginning of the tale for AARU, and I’m ready to find out what happens next. There are so many facets to this book, and the storylines all ebb and flow at the perfect pace to keep you interested the entire time. I adored this book, even though it scared me just a little bit. If you are looking for something totally different than you’ve read before, but still easy to read, with incredible characters then definitely pick up this book. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, thank you to the author for sending it to me!



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