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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Life


Ahh, finally. A book for my kind of girl. Yes, even though I am a mother and a college student, I am completely lazy. When it comes to doing my hair, nails, dressing myself or whatever “extra” stuff I am supposed to do as a woman…I just don’t really feel like it. So, when I saw The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Life by Jennifer Byrne, I knew I had to read it.

This book was equal parts satire (in my opinion) and real advice. Some of the advice was really good, and things that I would follow, maybe not every day, but at least once in my life. For example, using dry shampoo if you don’t feel like taking a shower or don’t have time. Then the next little piece of advice is to just wash the front of your hair. Maybe it’s just me, but that second part seems silly. If you’re gonna get your hair wet, might as well do it all!

There are many sections to this advice book, from your hair to your love life, and even your job. I bet there is something to learn for every lazy girl out there.

Some of the funnier pieces of advice in this book are:

Get a cereal box tattoo instead of a real one.

When you forget to make a dinner reservation, become a food blogger.

You’re out of clean clothes, so go buy some new ones.

I mean, these are just a few of the over the top pieces of advice, but there are also some things to really take in and use in your daily life. I would say it’s about 60/40 between good advice and silly advice, but either was this was super charming to read, and I learned how to be an even more capable lazy girl!


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