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If You Give a Man a Cookie


From the creator of all of those great “If You Give a…” books we read as a kid, such as If you Give a Mouse a Cookie, a Pig a Pancake, a Moose a Muffin…comes an incredible parody If you Give a Man a Cookie, by Laura Numeroff.

Though the illustrations aren’t reminiscent of the books I remember as a kid, I still got a kick out of this. I even made my husband read it, because it’s pretty spot on, sorry fellas, but this book left me holding my gut, due to the accuracy, and the ending is pure gold.


The story begins with a man, who obviously has some quirks about him, but the story goes on to tell how if you give a man a cookie he will want to do a bunch of other things, like the typical books in this series. All of them are hilarious, but I’m not going to go into detail about each one, because I find it’s so much better if you go in not knowing!DFR6LjFVoAAPoIm

The drawings are gorgeous, the colors really pop out of the page, and make the book even funnier. This is clearly a book for adults, so don’t read it to your kiddos before bed, but go ahead and have a quick laugh with your spouse!

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, so fun, and so so funny.


4 thoughts on “If You Give a Man a Cookie”

  1. OMG! It’s me, Laura Numeroff!! First of all, your site is gorgeous! Thank you so much for your wonderful review! It really means a lot to me! You never know how a book is going to be received! Especially, since is the first non-kidlet book I’ve done! Brian Ajhar was the PERFECT illustrator! I just LOVE what he did! He added the deliciously goofy dog!

    I have my fingers crossed that the book gets more reviews like yours!

    Laura Numeroff

    (I LOVE Grammerly! Except I can’t get it on my emails or Word – where of course I need it the most!)

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  2. Hi!!! Wow that’s amazing that you commented on my blog!! We read your stories practically every night in my house. My son loves If You Give a Moose a Muffin right now 😁 This book was hilarious, I’m sure it will be welcomed with open arms, especially with people my age who remember your books so fondly.


  3. I’m thrilled that you like it! You’re a great reviewer, and coming from you, that’s fantastic! MOOSE MUFFIN is my favorite of the series! Have you seen RAISING A HERO? It’s about a boy raising a puppy to become a service dog. I did it on my own with money from Kickstarter! It has eighty-six five-star reviews on Amazon!

    It’s my dream come true passion project! I hope you get a chance to look at it! Have a great week!


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