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A Killer Among Us


A young cop gets her first taste of homicide when she stumbles upon a murdered woman, the first homicide in the little town she lives and works. A Killer Among Us by Deborah Byington is equal parts mystery and romance, it’s obvious the author did her research when writing this book, as the plot and police officer jargon is perfectly on point.

An older woman is found dead in her home, and Colby, the new police officer, is the one to find her. The woman’s poor face is mashed in, she’s been left for dead for God knows how long. The rookie cop must now call for back up, and who comes to help, none other than Tom Vitali, the police officer who she has a slight crush on. He’s pretty muscular, and his smile is outstanding. There’s just something mysterious and sexy about him, but Colby can’t quite figure out what it is that attracts her to him so much.

When things start getting hot between Colby and Tom, it just makes the investigation more interesting. Their interactions were fun to read, I myself found my husband at work, so I know how it feels to enjoy a little work romance ;). That doesn’t take away from the suspense of trying to find out who murdered the old woman, though. The two are intertwined quite nicely.

This is the first book in a series, so there are definitely things that are going to need to be explored more in the next books, but all in all, I really enjoyed this one. I thoroughly liked learning about Colby, and watching her work her way through the investigation, and try to get Tom all at the same time. You can tell that the author did an incredible job of researching the lives of police officers, it came off very authentic, which made the experience even more enjoyable. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, it was a pretty interesting mix of genres, and a really fun book.


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