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Pink Slips


It’s been ten years since Betsy was attacked and lost her baby, but she still finds herself looking over her shoulder, especially now that she’s pregnant again. Before, she thought it was a random attack, but ever since she’s been receiving very scary messages on little pink slips of paper, she’s not so sure it wasn’t a one time thing. Pink Slips by Beth Aldrich is creepy, a story that will give you chills as if someone is breathing down your neck.

Betsy is now forced to live that horrible attack all over again, which causes her much anxiety. The only helpful friend in her life, is her dog, Barney. He seems to know what she’s thinking, and she can seemingly read his mind. They are an unlikely pair, but they work together well. He is the only one she can trust, it seems.

Soon she finds out that her husband has been attacked, and he’s in a coma. Betsy realizes that she can interact with him subconsciously as well, maybe this will push her closer to the stalker that has been leaving her notes. Will she be able to handle her pregnancy, and all that is going on, even when she starts suspecting that her doctor may be behind the notes?

I really really really wanted to like this book, and at the beginning it was really good, really intense and I was going crazy trying to figure out who it could possibly be that was leaving these notes to Betsy, but when she started having psychic connections with her dog and her husband, randomly, the story went down hill for me. Not only that, but when we find out who the stalker is, it’s so out of the blue and random, that it’s just pointless. The whole idea behind this book is incredible, but the actual story is blah. I give this 2 out of  5 stars. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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