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I’m Not a Scaredy Cat


Max Lucado is a Christian author, and his books have always been a big inspiration to readers of all ages. I have read a few of his books myself, and I do find them quite magical. In his new book, I’m Not a Scaredy Cat, kids big and small can find ways to deal with worry through God.

The illustrations in this book are so cute, and the message behind the story is wonderful. I love that this book is big, and the pages are extremely colorful. They really pop out at you. The story tells of a cute kitty who seems scared of many things, like rubber ducks, elephants, and even rain. When he says a prayer, he is able to take that fear and turn it into bravery.


This is an amazing story to share with your little ones when they may be going through a tough time. My son enjoyed looking at the pictures and thinking of ways to be brave in each situation that the cat found himself in. If this is Max’s first children’s book, he did a wonderful job. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. Thank you to Book Look Bloggers for sending me this book.


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