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If the cover doesn’t get you to pick up this book, then the synopsis will for sure. Transference by Kate Jonuska is the perfect book to read when you feel like maybe you aren’t doing the best in your life, because Dr. Verbenk will make you feel a whole lot better about yourself. Ha, that’s not the only redeeming quality of tis book, either. The writing is flawless, flows well, and gives off a vibe that makes you feel as if you are talking to an old friend.

The lowdown is that Dr. Derek Verbenk has reduced himself to being just a pill pusher, because he can’t seem to get his act together. His moral compass is cracked and he can’t seem to get it back on track. Sleeping with his patients may be the least of his worries, when someone comes into his life and pulls him out of his rut, to take him on a whirlwind adventure that even Verbenk isn’t ready for.

Throughout the book you will find Verbenk unlikeable, unreliable, and down right shameful, but isn’t there time in our lives when we all have been? He’s one of those characters that you want to hate, but you can’t seem to. Even though sometimes you may want to wring his neck, he’s still pretty funny, even when you know you shouldn’t be laughing.

I adored how this book was written, you get such a clear view into the mind of Dr. Verbenk, and how he feels at any given moment. It’s incredible to be inside another persons head, and I love the psychological aspect this book. The characters were clever and kept the story chugging along. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, so funny and quite different than a lot of what I’ve been reading recently. Thank you to the author for sending me this book.


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