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Like Broken China-Giveaway


This book was so lovely, and so genuine. Like Broken China by J.D. Thompson is the story of love, loss, and addiction. Courtney falls in love with Matt, and eventually becomes pregnant with his child. She soon finds out that Matt has hidden demons, which include drinking excessively, and sleeping with other women. When he’s not drinking he’s a wonderful man, but when he’s three sheets to the wind, it’s a whole different story. With interwoven narratives from the present and the past, Courtney and Matt’s story unfolds seamlessly and tragically.

Not every love story ends in a happily ever after, especially not when your husband is demanding, accusatory, secretive, and an alcoholic. Courtney learned that the hard way, and now she’s trying to piece her life back together after she is hit with divorce papers. It wouldn’t be so bad if the kids weren’t involved, because they are having a hard time, probably an even harder time than Courtney herself. Although Matt claims he has changed, she still doesn’t believe him, and though the pull of his love keeps pulling her back, Courtney wants to break free from Matt forever.

I love that each chapter goes back and forth in time in this book, so that we can see where Matt and Courtney have been, and what they are up to now. Courtney is a real girl, she has flaws, she doesn’t really know what she wants or what she’s doing with her life, and that made me feel for her even more. When a new dentist starts working at the office she works at, sparks start to fly, and Courtney doesn’t jump right in, like you may normally see in a novel like this, she hesitates, and doesn’t really know if she wants to date this new guy, or try and piece things back together with Matt.

Chris, the new dentist, is sweet, charming, and funny. He is patient with Courtney as she figures out what she wants, and though she is emotionally damaged, he understands and doesn’t push her to decide what she wants right away. Every ounce of this novel was pure reality and it really hit the nail on the head when it comes to things like relationships, addiction, and finding yourself.

I encourage everyone to read this book, it was actually quite short, but it was perfect. The characters in the story are people that you may have met in your own life. You can feel Courtney’s emotions as she feels them, and you are going to want to slap the crap out of Matt every once in a while, and that’s what makes a book incredible. I enjoyed this book 100% and really believe that you will too, I received this book from the author, and she has been so gracious as to give away one of her books to one of you. All you have to do is comment on this post, and I will pick a winner! I really love this book, and I support it all the way, so definitely try to win yourself a copy.


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