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If You Knew My Sister


Irini was given away by her parents when she was three years old, she was sent to live with an aunt and uncle, who didn’t treat her in any form of a loving way. Her parents kept Irini’s older sister, Elle, for unknown reasons, though Irini has always been curious why they chose her sister over her. When Irini gets a phone call from her sister that their mother has passed away, it’s time to get the answers she so rightly deserves, even though the mysterious ways of her sister haunt her every day. If You Knew My Sister by Micelle Adams is a haunting story about mind games between family members, and how one person can pull you into their world of lies, yet make you want to run away all at the same time.

Even though she really doesn’t want to, Irini eventually decides to head back home to attend her mother’s funeral. Regardless of the fact that she’s been trying to hide from her sister, and been successful at it for the past six years, there’s just something about Elle that doesn’t sit right with her, Elle is evil, and Irini needs to figure out what the truth is behind their mother’s death, and what other secrets Elle may be hiding.

When the two get together, once again, that feeling of evil comes back. Elle is menacing, manipulative, and down right scary, but Irini wants the truth, why did her parents give her away all those years ago? Once she finds out the answer, will she be satisfied or will it open up a whole new can of worms?

I received this book from St. Martin’s Press and I was more than excited to finally get a chance to read it, it’s been on my to read list since I saw it was coming out in October. When I finally got a chance to sit down and crack it open, I soon lost interest. There wasn’t much in this story that I really felt I cared about. The characters were flat, Irini is constantly talking about her disability, she has a disfigured hip, which seemed to be the only quality that was given in the book, and her boyfriend seemed to be a douchebag from the very first page. Now, the character of Elle is just bizarre to me. The author wanted to make her mentally ill, I believe, but did it in a garish and unflattering way. She wanted to make her scary, but at the same time I feel that mental illness isn’t something to condemn. The story flatlined after a while, this is the debut novel for Michelle, I would try her writing again, but I honestly don’t think this was her best effort. The fact that this book is almost 400 pages and nothing quite interesting happens for more than half the book, really just takes the whole thing down a notch. Plus, some of the questions weren’t answered in a satisfying way. You know how when you watch Pretty Little Liars and they tell you that they are going to finally unveil who A is, and then sort of gloss over it, or create another A, well that’s how I felt this book ended, and I wasn’t for it. I give this 2 out of 5 stars.



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