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Eight Days on Planet Earth


Matty Jones just had the shock of his life, or so he thinks, his father just up and left him and his mom, without a clue why, and now Matty has to pick up the pieces of his mother’s shambled life. Then, something even stranger happens, a very peculiar girl shows up in the field next to Matty’s house. In Eight Days on Planet Earth by Cat Jordan, secrets are revealed, and unlikely friendships form, this story is out of this world.

The field next to where Matty has grown up was supposedly the exact spot where a UFO was seen many years ago, so it’s always held a little something special in Matty, and his father’s, hearts. When a petite, blonde girl shows up randomly one morning, Matty is struck and in awe. He goes to her, and asks where she is from, and what she’s doing in this random empty field. She begins to explain that she’s an alien, and she’s waiting for her mother ship to come and pick her up. Of course, Matty is confused, and definitely doesn’t quite believe her, but she’s pretty strange looking, and she keeps showing up out of the blue

She tells him her name is Priya, and she’s just waiting to go home. All Matty wants to do is help her, he brings her food, shelter, and his undying friendship. The unlikely pair strike up an interesting relationship in the eight days that Priya is on Earth, she may be even be the link that could help Matty get in touch with his father, but is this girl hiding something, or is she really an alien?

Cat Jordan has done it again, she has created a unique, clear, atmospheric world where anything in possible. I love her writing, it’s so easy to read, it’s so fun to just sink into her stories and learn about the characters, they are all so different and wonderful. I read this book quickly, because it was so indulgent. You’ll be blushing at the cute friendship that forms between the teens, and when the end creeps up on you, you’ll be blown away.

The wonderful Cat Jordan sent me a wonderful package full of pins, and cards, to celebrate the release of this book, and I would love to send some to you!


If you would like one of these, please let me know and I will send them on their way, they are so cute, and the little cards are even cuter.

All in all, I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, it made me believe that there is something else out there, something that isn’t tangible but, something that can create miracles. The book comes out today, so go get it!!

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