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5 Reasons to Fall for Neil Gaiman’s Books-Guest Post



What is a modern fairy tale writer who has his 57th birthday on November 10th  famous for?

1. Enchanting and fantastic stories written by Neil Gaiman capture our attention like favorite fairy tales from childhood containing a subtle philosophical subtext. They are easy to read, successfully improving vacation idleness. To re-tell them is a double pleasure because a British story-teller Neil Gaiman is not only a master of excitingly mystical plots but also a fashionable author who is on-trend for 2 decades now.

2. Neil is rather good at drawing to and even better at coming up with ideas for comic books. The most popular Gaiman`s masterpiece is a ten volume comic saga called The Sandman: Book of Dreams depicted as his scenario, which received a unique Word Fantasy Award. Generally, illustrations go along well with any Gaiman`s piece, which is why when buying his books, you should choose versions with images. The cutting-edge example is a story for children called Fortunately, the Milk illustrated by Chris Riddle (in British edition) and Scotty Young (in American edition).

3. Gaiman is a famous person in the world of movies. A mystical story called Neverwhere originally created as a scenario to a mini-series of the year 1996 was later adopted by the author for a print publication. Today, Neil is a successful scenarist with a global reach who re-wrote a Scandinavian Beowulf legend for Hollywood directed by Robert Zemeckis and his own fairy tale called Stardust theatrically released by Claire Danes, Charlie Cox, Michelle Pfeiffer and totally hilarious Robert De Niro.

In order to receive screen rights on the books of the British fairy tale writer, film studios have literally lined up. HBO TV-channel promised a tv-series release called American Gods in the beginning of the year 2015 and kept the promise. Shooting of a gothic The Graveyard Book and The Ocean at the End of the Lane novel are planned for the nearest future. The latter is going to be directed by a much talented Brit Joe Wright.

4. Gaiman`s work is liked by not only grownup fairy tale lovers, but also by children of course. A full-length cartoon called Coraline based on a book written by Neil for his daughter reminds us of gloomy fantasies by Tim Burton but unlike him convey children`s fears and worries more virtuosically.

5. A novel or collection of stories written by Neil Gaiman is a guaranteed great present, which is to amaze even more in a set with the author`s signature. If you are lucky, Neil is to leave a signature in a sweeping manner and draw some fairy personage inside the front cover. For no reason in particular because he does not mind sharing his rich imagination with the world.


About the author: Melisa Marzett who works for is brilliant at writing. She deeply and honestly enjoys doing guest posts enriching the world of literature for enthusiastic readers. She would like to believe that what she does is not in vain and is appreciated. So far she did not have a single reason to have any doubts about that.


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