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On the dark web, there are many things to tempt, seduce, and destroy you. That’s why there are people waiting and watching, to secure your safety. In Tikopia by Rachel Wright, Louisa and her bothers are a part of an internet security business, which allows people to monitor their every move from their mobile phones.

What Louisa and her family don’t tell their costumers is that they have set up their business in Tikopia, and not where they claim that the headquarters is. Also, Louisa moonlights as an assassin for the dark web. her brothers have their own jobs too, one brother makes sure that there is no trace of them left on the internet, and the other brother is a sort of money launderer. Basically, they are all schemers and hackers who delve into people’s personal lives in order to get what they want.

This book has quite a lot of drinking, drugs, and otherwise unsavory characters, but it’s still a pretty good story. At some points in the book, I started to get confused because there are a lot of flashbacks, and I would get so wrapped up in them, that I would forget what was going on in the present and what was from the past. Although this book did have it’s interesting moments, I often felt like it dragged and there were parts that didn’t sit well with me. I give this book 3 out of 5 stars, a good book, but nothing to write home about. Thank you to the author for providing me with a copy.


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