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Justice for the Lemon Trees


Beautifully written with raw emotion and candor smeared on every page, Justice for the Lemon Trees by Jessica Lucci is sometimes tough to read, but the story of Jessica’s life is astounding, as you read this book you will see why she needed to write this down, and share her story.

In the beginning, this book is funny, clever, and the wording is poetic. It flows through your fingers like water. Jessica tells of her early childhood and how she used to enjoy swimming in the summer, her family, and the humdrum of her everyday life.

Then things take a sudden and sharp twist. Jessica’s life is thrust into this world that no one ever wants to know, and a world that no one ever wants their children to have to experience. That is the world of rape, molestation, and abuse.

I am so sorry that Jessica had to go through this tragedy, there are no words to describe her bravery, and I have a lot of respect for her for telling her truth. I can’t imagine the pain that she has felt, and I hope that this book helps someone that is in her same position. This book is short, but it’s powerful. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, thank you, Jessica, for sending it to me.

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