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Mysterious Ways


In my usual tradition, I have found another book with short stories of magical miracles seemingly sent from above. Mysterious Ways by the editors of Guideposts is a lovely book that will hopefully put a smile on your face, as it did mine.

I enjoyed the fact that these stories are short and sweet, some only being about a page or two. For example, I think this is the first story in the book, it’s about a couple who owns a boat, and they typically take it out on the water-the wife drives the boat while the husband meets her at the dock in the truck, but on this particular day, the husband decided that he wanted to drive the boat. The wife was okay with that, and drove down to the dock, waiting for him to show up. After about a half an hour, she grew impatient and worried, but then saw him slowly sputtering along. When he reaches the dock, he explains that something happened to the boat, but luckily he had put a spare part in one of the compartments a couple of weeks ago, so he was about to rig the boat to get to the dock. The wife wouldn’t have known that there was that extra part there, so if she had taken the boat, she would have been stranded for Lord knows how long. Thankfully, he had the mind to drive the boat that day, mysterious huh?

There are no other explanations or any deep narrative in these stories about who/what/why these things happened, and that’s one of the things that I really enjoyed about this book. It forces you to draw your own conclusion. Each story leaves you to make up your own mind about the outcome of the story. Did it happen by coincidence, divine intervention, or just because? I suppose it depends on what you truly believe, but each of these stories has a little magical element to it.

Did I tell you that these are true stories as well? Gotta love that! I had a blast reading this book, it gave me a little pick me up through out the days when I was feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with life. It’s incredible to know that even in the little things, there can be a spark of a miracle. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, it was put together very well, the writing was perfect, and each chapters work well together.


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