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30 Days to Peace


You all know how I love my journaling, even though I can barely keep up with a to-do list. 30 Days to Peace is a pocket-sized hardcover journal for doodling, writing, or whatever sparks your imagination.

For 30 days, you can find calm and peace within the pages of this journal. Whether you want to write about what peace means to you or draw what brings you peace in this busy busy world, this journal will give you a little relaxation throughout your day to just unwind and reflect.

Though I thought this journal was quite cute, I found it a bit redundant after a couple of days. I think that writing about peace is a great way to remind ourselves that there are peaceful moments in the world, but after being asked over and over again to describe peace, or when I am most peaceful, in a different way every other day, I kind of got bored. Despite that, this would be a cute gift for a mother or sister, or anyone who likes to create and doodle.


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