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State of Emergency


I’ve read my fair share of zombie novels, and I watched The Walking Dead up until recently when it got super repetitive and boring, plus, Zombieland is one of my favorite movies of all time, so when I was offered Sate of Emergency by Mary Hallberg, I was pretty excited to see what new and different experiences I could read about in a zombie book, especially one written by a woman.

That being said, this book was fairly short, less than 200 pages, and I would consider it a YA novel, so it’s not really my style- even though I do read the occasional YA book. What sold me on this story was the fact that a pizza cutter is used by the main character to defend herself against the zombie hordes. What I found between the pages of this book was just run of the mill, and quite lackluster. I did not really enjoy this book, there was nothing new or creative about the story line, the perspectives of the characters was either super freaked out (the main character Dallas) or completely unaware of what was going on (everyone else in the book).

The book starts off at a show for some girl that Dallas knows, who happens to be a pop star. Things wind up going south when the girl, Tatum, turns into a zombie and starts going after everyone. Dallas and her sort of boyfriend are the only ones to witness the fiasco, and they flee town with Dallas’ sister and friends.

The group wants to head up to Dallas’ uncles house in Chattanooga, because he happens to live in a secluded area with 50 foot fences….

By the third chapter, I was already bored and everything was oh so predictable. I wasn’t interested in the story any longer, but I read on anyway because I was hoping some crazy twist would happen and pull me back into the story again. I didn’t find much, also I went to the authors website, and I read through her FAQ Page. I see that she does not read other peoples work, but wants people to read hers-seems kind of selfish to me.

Anyway, this book is a no from me (Insert Simon Cowell meme here). I give it 1 out of  5 stars. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I am sorry I didn’t enjoy it, but hope that others may.


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