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Keeping Up With Your Review Pile

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We all know I’m pretty terrible at keeping up with reviews. I usually have a stack of 20-30 books waiting to be read, but through all that chaos I do actually have a rhyme and a reason for my review timeline. Now, it may not always work out the way that I expect it to, but that doesn’t mean I just go about this willy-nilly. You don’t have to believe me, but it’s true. Here’s my take on keeping up with your review pile:

  1. Make a monthly list. Now, this can either be a TBR list of the books that you want to get to throughout the month. I do this sometimes, but I have found that this is hard for me to do because I often times find I’m not in the mood to read some of the books I have “preplanned” to read for the month. What I actually do instead, is create a monthly list of the books that were requested in said month. That way, I sort of know what books I want to get to first, but if I don’t get to them in a particular order, then it’s not that big of a deal.
  2.  Finish shorter books first. For me, this is the easiest type of book to read. I can get through a 200-250 page book in about a day or day and a half, so that leaves a lot of time for reading other books.


3. Don’t accept books you aren’t super excited to read. You will never get to them if you aren’t really looking forward to reading them, trust me, I know.

4. Prewrite your blog posts, so you know how much reading is ahead of you. I usually make a blog draft with the title of the book and the cover of the book for two reasons. First, I only have to go in and write up my review, I don’t have to worry about finding the picture of the cover, it saves time, and second, I know how many books are on my TBR. It’s fun to watch the number dwindle as you read the books (it’s also a little anxiety-inducing because what if no one else wants you to read their book?)

5. Read! Read lots of books and maybe even more than one book at a time. I was a stickler for not reading more than one book at a time, but now that I have to read books for school, books for reviewing, and books for proofreading (a side gig) I kind of have to read more than one or I’ll never finish anything. It’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be, it’s actually a lot of fun because you can choose which adventure you want to go on, instead of just being stuck with one choice.

6. Give yourself a break. Don’t accept books when you have a TBR stack the size of your doorway. Take a break from accepting requests and just enjoy the books you have. I like to do this in the winter months because I can really get into reading in the cold weather. I love to hunker down and read all day (kids permitting).



6 thoughts on “Keeping Up With Your Review Pile”

  1. I’m tempted to read 2 or 3 books at a time, I like your idea that it gives choices of adventure, depending on mood. My only concern is could my brain take it?! I’m still a one book at a time girl, but I am getting a book backlog!

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    1. I was concerned about if my brain could take it as well, since I typically like to stick with one book, but I found that if I grab books that are very different, then it makes it easier to keep track. Maybe I’ll read a romance and a thriller at the same tome, or non fiction and mystery.

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      1. Yeah I’d have to have polar opposites like a horror and a nature non fic so there’s no risk of my brain combining the two! I’d end up with some mashed about story running through my mind otherwise. Lol 😂

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  2. Comfy reading always great!

    And here’s a quicker thing than a pile of reviews, just a quick vote, yes! (worthwhile too)

    Many thanks to you

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