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The Flawed Ones


If this story doesn’t move you, rock you to the core, or make you rethink your life, then you may be reading it wrong. The Flawed Ones by Jay Chirino is a fictionalized account of a man’s struggle with addiction, depression, alcoholism, and his strength and courage to finally get help for his demons.

This story hurt my heart because I know what it’s like to deal with depression, and I also have seen people battered down by addiction. My brother is an alcoholic and an addict, he’s been sober for over a year now, but I’ve seen him struggle first hand. I know how addiction can take a person’s soul and squeeze it until there is nothing left. It’s terrifying, it’s a tragedy honestly. You are watching a loved one kill themselves and no matter what you say or do, they will not listen until they are ready.

In this novel, Jay is finally ready to get help. The story begins in the ER of a hospital, and as the story progresses, you see that Jay is struggling with the idea of getting clean, though he wants it, it’s the hardest thing he’s ever done. This story is about recovery, but it’s also about different people, and how one man’s perceptions of these people can change the way we connect with them.

This line right here is what caught me hook, line, and sinker, “A needle went into my arm and painted three vials red. There went my story, no detail left behind.” That right there is just gorgeously poetic, and very very easy to imagine. His whole life is being pulled from his arm, and his secrets are going to be secrets no more. Powerful.

The way that Chirino writes is so visionary, gorgeous, and detailed that it puts you right into that hospital room with Jay. It pulls life into the story that so many people can relate to.

The author is in recovery himself, and you can tell that his words are genuine. The story has real elements to it, I do believe that some of these things could have or did happen to the author, this story is hopeful and heartbreaking all at once. It will pull you in and it will leave you breathless. 5 out of 5 stars, thank you to the author for sending me this book.


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