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The Gift Counselor


I was sent this book a few months back, but I didn’t want to dive in until it was the right season for this kind of story, and I’m glad I waited, this time of year seems to make these life-altering books more enjoyable to read. The Gift Counselor by Sheila M. Cronin is a pleasant story of a woman who, despite everything falling apart, and despite all the losses that she has endured in her life, picks herself up and tries to make the world better for not only herself but her family and the people around her.

Jonquil is a psychologist at a children’s home in Los Angeles but soon realizes that her position is no more, and is let go because of budget cuts. When she arrives home, her gregarious son lifts her from her depression, as he typically does. Though she no longer works at the children’s home, one little boy’s gift has left her in awe, he made her a dog out of clay, the exact same dog she used to have before, before the fire that took away her dog and her beloved husband.

Now Jonquil is set out to learn how gifts can make people feel, and how meaningful gifts can change lives. This story is truly beautiful, a Christmas heartwarmer that is perfect for children and adults. I love that even though the book seems pretty thick, it’s easy to read, and the story just keeps flowing and flowing. You will fall in love with the big-hearted Jonquil, and her precious son, and as you watch Jonquil fall in love herself, you’ll be rooting for her to finally find happiness again.

This book has so many dimensions to it, it’s so wonderfully written, and such a fun, yet deep, story. I truly think that if you read this book, you will have a better understanding of gift giving, and what it means to truly share your heart with others. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars, its a magical tale for any time of year.


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