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Comes As You Aren’t Game


Alright everyone, this review is a little bit different than anything I’ve done before on this blog. This game, Come As You Aren’t, is an adult role-playing card game, where one partner picks out three cards- who, what, where, and puts them in a little black envelope for the other partner to find-and then the fun begins.


It’s up to the couple to use the cards as they see fit. The cards are random, and well organized in the box, you could meet your partner in a public place as a librarian, or even in the living room as a photographer, it’s all up to you.

The case that this game comes in is really cute, discreet, and great quality. The choices are fun and imaginative, and also there are blank cards to make up your own roles if you want!

For couples new and old, there is a spark in this little box. I received this from Blogging for Books, and think it would be a great little gift for Valentines Day! Have fun with it :).



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