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Do you remember those “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories from when you were a kid? My favorites were the Goosebumps ones. Now, as an adult, I need something a little spookier, and luckily, the developers of the Strayed app came to me with their Choose Your Own Adventure story app! I got so excited to start this, it was such a fun little game to play when I had some time to kill, or just wanted to spook myself out a little bit.

In this app, you are driving your car on a rainy night, when a bulletin comes on the radio. There has been a sighting of some terrifying looking creature, and that’s where the adventure begins. Should you change the station? Or do you want to listen on to see what else the news uncovers? As you’re driving you see something dart out in front of your car. Oh lord. This can’t be good. Whatever you choose has a different outcome, so you could essentially play the game more than once and live a different story each time.

This game is exclusively told in story form, there are no pictures or anything, but I still think it’s fun because it’s just like reading a book. I love to read scary stories, and I follow several story sites on Facebook that honestly creep me out. This was as fun as those stories, just way more interactive. Now, all I can do is hope that the developers of this app make more.

If you are interested in downloading the app, please go here to download it on the App Store. and here for the Google Play Store!


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