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Make it Count


Casey is special, ever since she was a baby her family has known there’s something about her that makes her different. As she grows older, only Casey knows what her special power really is, to everyone else, she pretends that she has a crippling disorder that won’t allow her to touch anyone because if she does, she’ll learn how long they have to live-something that is often too intense to bear. Make it Count by Tamar Sloan is a YA novel with a compelling twist.

Alone and isolated is how Casey lives her days until she walks out her front door and runs into PJ Sullivan. Super hot, super bad, and just the right guy she’s been looking for. The only problem? His days are numbered.

Casey will try and do anything to save PJ’s life, when she figures out how she thinks PJ will die, she does everything she can to try and get him to avoid his fateful demise.

For a YA book, I thought this was a pretty good story. I enjoyed the premise for sure, it was interesting to me, and something I have heard of before, but I hadn’t read about this magic power in a book that I can remember. Other than that, I sort of felt this book floated on the surface of its characters, it’s like a romantic comedy with a little hidden power that just…it was okay for me, but it didn’t hit me out of the park. Maybe I’m over YA books, because it always seems like no matter what topic it is, the underlying theme stays the same. I give this book 3 out of 5 stars, decent, but nothing too crazy.

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