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Things Book Lovers Feel Guilty About

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Going to the library and taking out a stack of books when you know that you already have dozens at home that haven’t been read.

Realizing you aren’t going to get through that pile of books before they are due, so you have to decide which ones are top priority and then debating on whether to take them back when they are due, or renew them so you can actually read them all.

Having a bajillion books on your TBR, yet still not getting to them. This is why I never add books on Goodreads, I just feel so guilty for all the unread babies out there. I’ll get to you I promise. I may be 90 when I finally read Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn, but I’ll do it. I will.

That feeling when you’ve put your book down so often that something either spills on it, bends the cover, or tears a page. Also, kids tend to not give a shizz about your book’s condition and will eat, pull, throw, tear, or crinkle the pages until you cry. 

*Me times infinity* Judging a book by its cover. The perfect example of this is The Circle by Dave Eggers. I hate the cover, it looks like the book is going to be an informational tomb about some dumb stuff that I don’t care about, and yet it’s been one of my favorite books I’ve read so far this year.

Getting upset when a book doesn’t follow the same cover layout that the author’s other books did. I’m looking at you Jodi Picoult (yes I know it’s not her fault but still..)

Thinking about your book while you are literally doing anything else. Driving, watching a movie, sex…lol ok maybe not, but maybe so?

Refusing to watch a movie until after you’ve read the book. Like, The Glass Castle, for me. I do want to watch the movie, but the book still sits unread on my shelf. What is a girl to do?

Finally, leaving a bookstore empty-handed. It’s an atrocity. 


What are some things that you feel guilty about?



3 thoughts on “Things Book Lovers Feel Guilty About”

  1. YES to this! I didn’t realize my library actually has a limit until I took the kids and books to the checkout counter and got rejected. At the library!! They did some finagling (put some of the titles under my daughter’s account) and we were good, though.
    One thing I feel a little guilty about — not wanting to talk to anyone because they’re interrupting my book, dangit.

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