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Plans for 2018

I always feel like a new year is a fresh slate. Yeah, I know it’s cliche, but it’s also relatively true. As far as books go, it’s like a fresh sheet of paper each year, we get a new Goodreads goal, we get new fun books to read, and there’s just so much potential.

This year I want to do thinks a bit differently on my blog. First, I’m not going to be taking any new requests for at least six months, except for the occasional Netgalley or Edelweiss request. This is for a couple of reasons. 1. I don’t think I read a single book off of my bookshelf in 2017 and 2. I also got extremely overwhelmed with the number of books I had left to read at the end of the year. There’s nothing wrong with having a wonderfully large TBR pile, but when you’re a mom, a college student, a wife, and you want to keep reading fun, it’s all just a little much. I want this blog to be a hobby and when it starts to feel like a job, it’s just not fun anymore. I haven’t accepted new requests since probably October, and I won’t be accepting new ones until Mid-2018, and I’m excited to get back into the Off the Bookcase theme I was doing each month.

I didn’t have a single Off the Bookcase last year, and it’s something that I am really interested in, and find fun. I hope that with this new year, I can at least read 1 to 2 books off of my shelf each month, so that I can both narrow down the crazy amount of books in my home, but also so that I can finally enjoy the stories that I stare at every day.

Even though I don’t speak about it much, I still struggle with my mental health on a daily basis, and I need a break from the constant overflow of books tumbling into my life. I may regret this in a couple of months and feel like people have forgotten about me, but hopefully, it will also help me focus on other things that I need to worry about this year. I want to really enjoy the stories I’m reading, and not just read them because I “have” to.

What are your plans for the new year?


5 thoughts on “Plans for 2018”

  1. Those sound like good goals to me. You’ve gotta take some time for yourself every now and again, right?
    I’m still working on finalizing my plans. Most of them are writing plans, I suppose. My wife and I are also going to try and do one date every week–which, with two little kids at home…. Well, you know what it’s like. We’ll see!
    Happy new year!

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      1. Haha, yes, that’s a very good plan. Every time my husband and I have a plan for a date night at one, one of the kids always stays awake way past bedtime, and then we’re too exhausted to have our date lol. Parenting is fun.

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