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Seven Years Gone Series: Book 2 Undefinable


In the second book in the Seven Years Gone series, Undefinable, by Liz Iaverschi-Braun, Ginger is waiting at Rane’s home in Harrison, hiding out from The Society. The first book in the series, Seven Years Gone: Undesirable, I flew through in about a day, this one took a bit longer for me to read, but not because I didn’t like it, but I was trying to savor every bit of information that I could. This book was just as enthralling as the first. Liz has a way of creating characters with dimension, feeling, and something extra that makes you identify with them. They all have a past, and we get to learn more about the different characters in this next book.

I love that this book brought us right back to the present with Ginger. The thing with this book though, is that it’s hard to describe-which goes great with the title I might add- There is just so much going on that there’s not quite one single plot-which is great, because you get a feel of the world that Ginger has come to call home, while war is in the near future.

In book one, Ginger’s character was set up, and in this book, she is maturing and changing. I feel like this is such a great accompaniment to the first book, it really helps to draw you into the world even deeper.

As you watch Ginger learn what it means to be Undesirable, and what she and her new family may have to face to stay alive, you’ll be on the edge of your seat. I adored this book just as much as the first, I give this one 5 out of 5 stars.


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