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Friendship Bread


The idea for reading this book was a bit unusual for me. Typically, I read books on a whim, either because I keep hearing about them, or the cover or synopsis strikes my fancy, but not this time. This time, I was on Facebook, and saw a comment from a girl in one of the book blogger groups that I’m in. She asked if there were any book bloggers from Michigan. I quickly raised my hand, because I love to meet other people from the mitten state, and she sent me a message asking if she could bring me some friendship bread starter. At first, I was confused. I’d no idea what she was talking about-but soon she explained it and introduced herself as Megan from The Hungry Bookworm.

A couple days pass and she brings the friendship bread starter to my door. I followed the instructions that she gave me, and went about my life waiting for this bread dough to ferment, grow, and become the healthy starter it needed to be.


This was the starter at the end of the 10 days.

I decided to check out the book Friendship Bread by Darien Gee, which was the inspiration behind Megan’s blog post. While I was devouring the pages of the book, the bread starter was finally mature enough to bake with! So, I mixed all the ingredients and separated the starter to share with my own friends.


I gave two bags to my friends, one bag to my mom, along with a loaf of bread, and I followed Megan’s lead and took some the library to share with the ladies there. I had more bags than the ones I have pictures, but I got interrupted in the middle of separating and forgot to photograph the rest.

As my daughter and I took our first bites of this bread, we fell in love. This bread is soooo yummy! Especially when it’s warm.



So not only did we get a special treat, thanks to Megan, I also got to read this really great book. This book revolves around three women, Julia, who is dealing with a grief so deep she can’t see the bottom. Madeleine, who serves up yummy treats at her tea salon, and Hannah who is in the midst of a divorce.

One morning, the three women meet at Madeleine’s tea salon, and they begin to form a bond that starts over friendship bread and brings them closer by the day. For the person who loves a story about a small town with people that have big dreams, this one is for you. I adored getting to know these women, and I really sort of wanted to be in that tea salon with them.

All in all, this was a really fun experience. I got to bake some delicious bread, read an incredible book about friendship, and also made a new friend myself! If you haven’t yet, head over to Megan’s blog and show her some love. This book and bread get 5 out of 5 stars from me!

Friendship Bread Recipe:


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  1. This makes me so happy! I’m glad you and your daughter liked the bread so much – on your recommendation, I actually made the cinnamon version over the weekend, and it was great! Hope your friends, mom, and the librarians enjoyed the thought as well 🙂

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