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My Sweet Friend

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Ooh, you know I love me a book about a mysterious and untrustworthy pseudo-friend. My Sweet Friend by H.A. Leuschel is a novella that floods you with a sense of creepy terror, you won’t put this book down until the end, and then your head will be spinning.

Alexa is the new girl in town at a PR firm in Paris, she seems like the cool chick that everyone wants to get to know, including Rosie and Jack. After the couple gets to know Alexa, they realize that some things that she says and does just don’t add up, and they wonder if she really is the person that they think she is. What’s she hiding, and why?

This book was short and to the point, which made it all the more engrossing. I was able to catapult myself into this world for a couple of hours, and just devote all my time to trying to figure out what the deal with Alexa was. You can see how much Rosie really likes Alexa, and how she sort of looks up to her, I feel for Rosie’s character, she just wants to do what’s right. When Alexa comes along, it’s easy to see how someone like her could manipulate a sweet person like Rosie.

If you are looking for a fast thrill ride, take a look at this book, it’s a good one. I give this 5 out of 5 stars.


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