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Valentine’s Day Blog Hop


What is Valentine’s Day without some lovey-dovey stuff? I’m the kind of girl that doesn’t really get into the mushy romance genre, but I do like to read an occasional love story. With that being said, myself and several other book bloggers got together to create a list of some really awesome books for you to check out. From unconventional love to LGBTQ love stories, there is going to be something for everyone on this list. I would consider my list to be one of books that feature couples who meet or love in interesting ways, without further ado, here are my three Valentine’s Day Love Story Recommendations:


A Story of Like 

by Courtney Clark

Addie has a great life, but she really feels like it’s missing something. That something is in the shape of a guy. Then she meets Charlie, who, to be honest, goes straight to the friendzone. Soon, he wiggles out of it, though, and he and Addie hit it off quite nice. This is just a sweet story about how it feels to be in a new relationship, and all the butterflies that go along with it.

P.S. I Love You

by Cecelia Ahern


As Holly approaches her 30th birthday, she can’t help but be devastated that Gerry, the love of her life, has been gone for so long. To her surprise, Gerry has left Holly notes for each month after his death, and his spirit lives on through them. Watching Holly begin to live again is truly heartwarming, even while you’re bawling your eyes out.

A Walk to Remember

 by Nicholas Sparks


Did you think I would really go a whole blog post about romance books and not include Nicholas Sparks?

When quiet Jamie meets Landon, she thinks they are just working together for a Christmas play, but soon they find that they have more in common than they first thought. If you have seen the movie, you haven’t read the book-it’s so much different, and so so so much better.

Meet the other girls participating in the blog hop!


Kayla: Kayla fell in love with words at a young age and has been a lifelong reader. The word nerd behind The Page Turner works as a writer who helps entrepreneurs tell their stories. Even though she can get sucked into any story, she avoids anything too mushy. Her favorite love stories happen unexpectedly in the background of a much bigger story.

You can find Kayla’s recommendations here

Megan: Raised on rom-coms and Disney movies, Megan loves a good love story. She doesn’t read romance novels but enjoys good fiction and the occasional memoir (bonus pointsif it’s thought-provoking). At The Hungry Bookworm, she pairs every book review with a recipe inspired by that book. After all, as everyone knows: the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Visit her blog for a selection of Unconventional Love Stories.

You can find Megan’s recommendations here.

Gayathri: Gayathri is a freelance writer and book blogger at Elgeewrites. She loves reading, recommending books and talking about bookish things in real life. Her blog is just an extension of that habit. She has been reviewing since 2010 and her short stories have been published as parts of anthologies. When she is not reading books, she freelance as a beta reader and a content creator. She lives currently at Dubai.

You can find Gayathri’s recommendations here.

Charlotte: As a part-time book blogger, a busy virtual assistant and a full-time nerd, Charlotte always seems to be dreaming about another new project. You’ll probably find her a) with her nose in a book; b) furiously writing five new blog posts when she has a rare flash of inspiration (and the time to write them); c) thinking about work; d) coming up with a new project that will probably never see the light of day; or e) updating her spreadsheet of 2018 movie releases (which really does exist!). Head over to her blog to see her list of YA LGBT recommendations

You can find Charlotte’s recommendations here.  


What are some of your Valentine’s Day recommendations? Do you have a favorite romance you like to read around this time of year?

9 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Blog Hop”

  1. Great recommendations! I haven’t read P.S. I Love You or anything by Nicolas Sparks because I’ve always considered them *too* romancy for my tastes. 😀 Maybe I should give them a go at some point though because they’re so popular!


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