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So, you wanna be a book blogger…Part One

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Blogging is a fun way to pass time, talk about what you love, and meet people from all over the world who share your same interests. For me, it’s all of that, and the fact that reading has been a part of my life since the day I was born (at least that’s what I’m assuming, I’ll ask my parents later), and a couple of years ago, actually 3 years now I believe, I was just sitting my room, reading a book, and I thought to myself “Why don’t I have somewhere I can share this with other people?” So, I got up, got my laptop out and went to, to create my site.

Back then, I didn’t have many books. I was sort of getting rid of them as I read them, and not really buying any new ones, you know, finances and all, so I didn’t have much content. I went to the library a lot, instead, which helped to broaden my TBR, plus it gave my then 1 year old son and me something to do besides chill at home. But, you don’t need stacks upon stacks of books to start a blog, all you need is a desire to share your thoughts, and a platform to do it on.

So, first and foremost, find a site to host your blog. I love WordPress, it’s fairly easy to figure out, and you can create practically anything you want. It’s free, unless you want to pay for it, and there are tons and tons of people already on WordPress who you can follow to get inspiration, or connect with, to see what’s new in the world, and so on.

After you find a site to host your blog, you’re going to want to think of a name, this is probably something you’ve had in the works for a while, or maybe it’s on a whim, either way, something catchy and simple is usually best. I chose Comfy Reading, because well, I love to be comfy, it’s literally my life goal lol, so that’s where my inspiration came from.

That’s practically it, now you’re going to want to post your first blog post! This can be whatever your heart desires, a review, a list of books of some sort, or even just a random post about who you are and why you’re starting your blog. You can take your blog anywhere you want to go!

All in all, the goal is to have fun, stick around for part two where I share how to get followers. See ya soon!


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