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Night Music

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Night Music by Deanna Lynn Sletten is not my usual genre, it’s romantic, and it’s historical fiction. This book takes place during the Vietnam war, where Charlotte, known as Char, writes to a soldier stationed in Vietnam. She tells him all about her picturesque small town, and he tells her about how he’s doing while fighting for his country. Then, when he gets injured, he’s forced to take a leave of absence, that’s when he decides to head to that small town and find Char, hoping to spark an interest.

Joe is a kid from the Bronx, he’s used to loud neighborhoods, dirty snow, and a lackluster childhood, so when he reads about the seemingly beautiful life of Charlotte through her letters, he’s almost immediately infatuated with her. She shares stories of her home town, her college, and how her brother died in the same war that Joe is currently fighting in. Soon after, Joe gets released because of an injury to his leg, and that’s when he decides to enroll in the college that Char is going to, luckily he finds that they have the same English class. Joe has seen a picture of Char before, but she has no idea what he looks like.

When Joe finally gets the courage to speak to Char, he finds out she has a boyfriend, who is very very anti-war, and anti-soldier. Her boyfriend, Deke, has an immediate issue with Joe and Char’s friendship. Joe hopes that some day, hopefully soon, Char will change her mind and dump Deke. He eventually gets his way, and Joe and Char start a sweet, slow, romantic friendship that soon turns to love.
This story was just so pure and wholesome, I thought it was such a good book to read, especially around Valentine’s Day.  The backdrop of the Vietnam War gave the drama that the book needed, but other than that, the story of Joe and Char made me just want to squeeze them and never let them go. All the characters seemed so real and the relationship that Joe and Char have is just so encouraging. I really enjoyed this book, even though I usually don’t read these kinds of stories. I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars, and that’s because I found that some of the parts of the book were really long winded, and I wanted to story to move on, but other than that it was perfect. I would definitely be interested to see where Joe and Char’s relationship went.

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