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Little Book of You


I reached out to the creators of this beautiful customized memory book Little Book of You, Marina and James, who are parents just like me. They had this dream of creating a gorgeous photo book with imaginative creatures and inspiring facts for your little one. When I reached out, they were so happy to assist me in creating a book for my beautiful one year old, Lyla.


Not only are the pages completely gorgeous, with the beautiful water color and stunning detail, you can customize every single page. This is the first page when you open the book, an L for Lyla, and her birthday. Simple, yet amazing. For this option, you could choose giraffes, bears, or flamingos. Although the flamingos had a pink design, my husband and I thought that this was just the perfect color.


Within this book, there are pages and pages of incredible information all about your child. I have decided to only include pictures of the pages that don’t share her personal information, but when you click on Create a Custom Book at Little Book of You, you are taken to a page where you are asked all types of information about your little one. Such as their name, birthday, weight and height at birth, and anything else that will make your child feel special.


One of my favorite pages was the one talking about where Lyla lived. It even had a map to show our house and described what our home state of Michigan is like. The detail and effort that is put into every page is incredible. You can tell that this company really cares about the product that they put out. Everything is easy to fill in, and they don’t leave any information that you give out of the book.

I adore this little book, and Lyla has enjoyed the colorful pictures as well. Not only does this company take the time to make a memorable and creative book for your child, but they send it out quickly so that you can share memories as soon as possible. I adore this company, and I cannot wait to make another book for my son, he will certainly get a kick out of it as well. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars, I absolutely love every single page.


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