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A Campfire Tail-Kid’s Book


The love of dragons in my household is fierce, my son is obsessed with books like Dragon’s Love Tacos, so when I saw A Campfire Tail by Sarah Glenn Marsh was coming out, I asked for a copy. Not only is this book beautifully illustrated and colorful, it teaches your child a good lesson, all the while entertaining them.

This little spectacled, curly haired, blondie is in charge of the new dragon buddy at Camp Wildwood. She’s not so sure about this job, because it seems that Dragon just doesn’t fit in, but when Dragon goes missing, she realizes that he may be a better friend than she first thought, especially when the campers find out the things that Dragon is really good at!

Not only does your child learn about all the fun things to do at camp, but this story teaches children that we may be different, but everyone has good inside of them, and everyone has things that they are better at than others, which is perfectly fine!

I love all the detail in the pages, and my son thinks that Dragon is adorable. We’ve read this book several times since we got it, and it’s been a hit. Thank you so much to the publisher’s for sending this to us, it’s been a wonderful addition to our bedtime story collection. We give this book 5 out of 5 stars, oh and by the way one of our favorite parts of this book is the marshmallows inside the front and back covers, so cute!


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