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Smelly Cat-Kid’s Book


There are many books about becoming a big brother or a big sister, but no one ever seems to think about how the family dog feels when a new baby arrives. In Smelly Cat by Maria Ashworth, we get a taste of how a poor pup interprets the presence of a new life in the home.

This little doggie is sad when her parents bring home a new baby, or as she sees it a smelly cat, because the cat/baby is stealing all of her attention! Even when the dog tries tome the new smelly person out, frame her for messes, or just get her in trouble, the parents seem to find it cute. The smelly “cat” is here to stay.

Will the pup and the new baby ever get close? In this adorably illustrated story, you’ll be laughing at the dog’s hijinks, and simultaneously feeling sad for the little pup and her feelings of replacement.

This was fun to read with my little guy, he thought it was hilarious that the dog kept calling the baby a smelly cat, which is perfect because we never really know how a dog interprets a little human. The illustrations were gorgeous as well, I loved the biracial couple, and the amount of detail that went into every single page. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars stars, I would read this over and over again with my kids.


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