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Her Pretty Face


New friends, new school, new life, looks can be deceiving in the new novel by Robyn Harding. Her Pretty Face is a thriller that will pull you in, wrap you up like a snake and destroy the feeling of security that you have about the people in your life. This unputdownable tale is perfect for the summer, it’s a must read!

Frances’ son is her everything, he has some behavioral issues, so she always has to stay on top of what he’s doing at home and at school, and when he eventually gets into trouble, Frances feels like the outsider at the prestigious school her son attends. That is until she meets Kate, another mom to a boy in the same grade as her son, she’s cool, relaxed, and doesn’t have that air of “I’m too good for you” like the other mom’s do. Soon, the two become best friends.

As the story unfolds, the chapters flip back and forth between a few different perspectives. First, it’s Frances, and then a man who is interested in getting to know Kate’s teenaged daughter, Daisy,  except he’s older and a little bit creepy. Lastly, there’s the brother of a girl who was murdered in the early 90’s. Why is he significant? One of the moms is the murderer, and she’s free to live the life that his sister deserved.

Each chapter brings out more lies, more ways that either woman has been deceitful in her past, but will this one secret destroy the friendship forever? I honestly get goosebumps just thinking about this book again, it was so delicious! This is the second Robyn Harding book that I’ve read, the first being The Party. Both of these books I thoroughly enjoyed, I cannot wait to read more from this author, she is full of surprises, and hopefully she has lots and lots of storytelling to do in the future! I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.


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