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Map of the Heart


Camille Palmer has a quite and unassuming life as an old photo developer, one of those types who sits in a dark room with film to discover forgotten times and family secrets. Though, she never thought that her family would be one of the ones filled with secretes themselves. In Map of the Heart by Susan Wiggs, Camille and her daughter Julie discover their pasts, and along the way they find some really great friends.

This is the second Susan Wiggs book that I have read, and I fell in love with this one just as I did the first one I read, which was Between You and Me. The way that Susan writes, you are fully immersed in the story from the get-go, you feel all of the feelings that each character is hiding, and you’re pushing for them to succeed.

In this book, Camille is a widow who has a teenage daughter named Julie, both women have their secrets, Julie is being bullied in school, and Camille still hasn’t let go of the husband that passed away years ago. When a new man comes into Camille’s life, she just can’t open up to him, to his dismay, because he is really into her. As the family finds an old box full of family heirlooms, Camille and her French father, along with Julie, travel back to his roots to discover what really happened to his parents. While there, Camille discovers that the secrets of her families past may open doors to her future.

This is one of those books that I couldn’t put down. I was non-stop picking it up between doing my daily chores, school, and working, but it was so worth it. If you are interested in books that are full of heart, a little mystery, and some cute romance, then you are definitely going to want to pick up this book! I give this one 5 out of 5 stars, perfect for Valentine’s Day!

1 thought on “Map of the Heart”

  1. What a stunning review, thank you! I am such a fan of Susan Wiggs so I’m not surprised you loved this one. Thank you for being on the tour!

    Sara @ TLC Book Tours


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