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Beyond the Point


If you have been teeming for a novel to escape into this summer, then look no further, because Beyond the Point by Claire Gibson is exactly what you are looking for-and so so much more. When I first read the synopsis of this book, I was like “Okay, yeah, I’ll like this, probably.” What I didn’t realize is how much I was going to fall in love with each one of the characters in the book, and connect with the soulfulness of each storyline. Man, I really wish that I could read it again for the first time. It’s such a beautiful and profound story…okay let me tell you what it’s about.

We meet Hannah, Avery and Dani when they’ve just graduated high school. Each one of them wants to do something special and unique with her life. So, these strangers all apply to West Point, which is a U.S. military academy. Each girl gets in, and in the midst of their first year at the academy, the unthinkable happens. 9/11.

The girls must figure out their place in the world, especially with the impending war in the near future. Dani and Avery are on the basketball team, but Dani has some medical issues and needs to drop out. Her military career may be over. Meanwhile, Hannah finds the love of her life, choosing to live the ways of the Army with her fiancé by her side, literally and figuratively, as they each get deployed at different times. Avery is trying to understand why she can’t find love, all while maintaining a stiff exterior.

Watching each girl grow up, and the different paths they take, is truly inspiring. I loved each of these girls, and was rooting for them the entire novel. You can see how their friendship ebbs and flows, but when tragedy strikes again, the girls come back into each others lives, never to let go.

This book is just gorgeously written, full of life and heartbreak. It is unputdownable and must be placed on your TBR as soon as possible. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars!

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Author Links: Website, Twitter, and Instagram

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